Having a baby has made me.. get out of my comfort zone!

Having a baby has shaped me in many ways, and sometimes I feel like a completely different person to what I was before it all happened! In a good way, of course. I struggle big time with anxious situations and Joseph has definitely helped me in times of need, he’s been my calm in the storm. Sure, I struggle a lot of the time but I have come such a long way since he’s been born. I can make phone calls without planning them the day before, I can make appointments, I can go to appointments on my own. And the big one recently is joining  a baby sensory class and going on my own! Okay, Mat came with me first for some support but the next week I did it all by myself and actually chatted to a few mums there. Brilliant!

So we enrolled Joseph on a ten week course class to sensory class and it is SO good! It’s based all around the UK; see the website here! It’s £65 for ten weeks which I think is so reasonable as every week is different and Joseph absolutely loves going. He bounces up and down to the songs, is in awe of all the different sensory items, loves meeting other babies and it tires him out after it so much that he sleeps for about two hours!

The aftermath of the chaos!

I think it’s a perfect time for him to start as he’s a lot more aware of his surroundings. But it’s also from birth and they accommodate to different ages so I can only imagine how wonderful newborn class would be; full of colours and lullabies! I’d definitely recommend it though, it breaks the day up and it’s such good fun and always puts a smile on my face to see Joseph so happy and involved!

We also got Joseph some new shoes from Clark’s yesterday! He’s only seven months old so we got the pre-walkers, no doubt  he’ll be out of them soon but we needed something to support his feet as he always climbing. His feet measured at a size 3 and a half! He’s so big! But they are so cute but I don’t like how grown up he looks in them 😦 sob.

So that’s just a brief blog post for me today! I’ll update later as a lot has gone on. I’ve had such bad luck recently that I have FINALLY received some good news. So watch this space, if all goes to plan and my good luck stays I will be making an exciting blog post. Yippee.

How have you changed for the better since having a baby?

Irrelevant to the post but how cute are these leggings?!  Seven months old and these are size 1-2yr old. Oh no!


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