Joseph you’re seven months

Oh boy oh boy! I say this every time but good grief where has the time gone? Every single month Joseph makes us so proud and changes in so many ways.

Joseph has most definitely developed his own little personality, he has new facial expressions (which are so funny and adorable!). He started crawling last month and now he won’t stop. Let me tell you now, this boy is a little explorer already!! He wants to be everywhere all the time. Not only is he crawling but he is also CLIMBING! Argh! We have to be on the lookout all the time as he will literally try and climb anything he can. We have to lower the cot as he tries to climb out of that.

Get down!

He’s extended his vocabulary, he can say mama, dada, dad, daddy, nana, baba and loves to be vocal. He will also screech when he’s excited to and likes to grab our attention by grunting.

It honestly feels like he isn’t seven months old, but more like a toddler. We do get a lot of ‘wow he’s a beast’ or ‘he’s a big boy’ and he totally is. He is in 6-9, 9-12 and 12-18. AND he wore pyjamas which were size..wait for it..TWO AND A HALF-THREE YEARS OLD. Oh my. Not sure how much he weighs as we haven’t been to the health visitor in a while, but definitely more than 21lbs.

 (A walk down the park! He was wearing size 12-18 coat, 12-18 bottoms and 9-12 top oops!)

Joseph currently loves;

  • His food! He will eat everything and anything. Super proud mama. We are rocking baby led weaning
  • Swimming
  • Bashing toys together, picking them up and dropping them, even throwing them. But tends to love playing with wipes, nappies, remote control and shoving my mobile in his mouth rather than all this toys!
  • Exploring and having a nose around
  • Standing up
  • Pulling silly faces
  • Sloppy kisses
  • Bath time
  • Clapping his hands together
  • Having people coo over him
  • The hoover
  • Seeing family

Joseph currently doesn’t like;

  • Going to bed (but likes to sleep!!). Not going to go into detail as it’s made me feel really down recently. I hope to god this resolves itself soon!!
  • Car seats and being put in his stroller as he just loves to be up and about
  • Sitting still in general

I can’t really think of anything he doesn’t like as he’s such a happy baby!

I’m feeling a lot better today. I went for a nice walk, had a lovely lunch, treated myself to some new make-up and clothes (I am totally skint but OH WELL), had a bath and fresh matching pyjamas. A little TLC goes a long way.

Just smitten with Joseph and my love for him grows each and every day. He constantly makes me proud to be his mama.

Hope you’re all okay! I hope to make a haul of what I got today. A bit different from the same-y posts I tend to make!

Have a nice week everyone.


5 thoughts on “Joseph you’re seven months

      1. It is a big thing because thats when he changes from a baby into a boy. In a way it makes it easier when they walk, but it can also be exhausting chasing after them and keeping them out of mischief lol xx

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