Six month update, driving test and university

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA recently. Joseph has been really, really difficult to get to bed recently. I’ll mention it later in the post but I’ve just been feeling out of sorts, argh!!

ANYWAY, my little boy has turned six months old today. Holy moly, six whole months has passed. It has been delightful these past few months, even with the almost breakdowns and the sleep regression. I wouldn’t change it for the world. He’s the light in my life and I can’t wait for the next six months, and so on..

In the hospital a couple of hours old. Still have the annoying oxygen mask on. Look at those wrinkly feet though! So adorable.

Joseph has developed in so many ways! He’s such a cheeky, happy chappy who just loves to move about! He achieved a lot last month which you can read here. Lets see what else he’s been getting up to:

  • Joseph can crawl! Not confidently but enough to get to a to b. So now he really does love getting about.
  • He said MAMA!!
  • We started the BLW approach with him and he’s taken a liking to it so far. He’s had scrambled eggs, toast, carrot puffs, softened veg, tuna.. I want to get more of a routine soon.
  • Still sleeps through the night fine but my god getting him to sleep recently has been a NIGHTMARE. Honestly, having a baby from the time you wake up ALL the way to midnight (sometimes later) is so draining and I’ve hardly had time to spend with Mathew in the evening like we used to. We are trying to tackle this by implementing a better routine and being stern about it. We also want to move Joseph to his cot (we co-sleep, shh parenting police). So lots to achieve in the upcoming month.
  • Not sure what he weighs, we have a health visitor coming tomorrow so see what happens there.
  • Started to fit in sizes 9-12, what a chunk.
  • Started to wave a little bit and keeps ‘clapping’ his hands together
  • Fascinated with other babies
Stop taking photos of me, mam!

Mama update

  • I’ve started going to the gym more regularly which is good. Although I did just have a chippy, shh.
  • I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST, HELL YEAH! Only took me three attempts but passed with two minors. I now feel a lot more independent and not stuck in the house all the time. Yippee!
  • Also got an interview to study adult nursing in September, my absolute dream.
  • Worrying A LOT about financial situation. Need to extend my overdraft because maternity pay is so dire. I don’t even spend any money on me anymore, I hate having no money for myself. It just goes on bills. Argh. As soon as I extend my overdraft I’ll feel a lot more at ease.

Lots of adventures!

So that’s about it, really. Josephs actually in bed, but don’t know for how long. So I rushed this post (sorry!). Going to spend some time catching up on posts now. What a bad blogger I’ve been.

Has anyone struggled with sleep regression with their little ones? If so how did you tackle it?

Hope you have had a great week so far folks!

3 thoughts on “Six month update, driving test and university

  1. Congratulations on passing your driving test! That’s fantastic news. I found that when my little boy moved on to solid food he slept a lot better. Oh and when he moved into his own room that helped when trying to set a good nighttime routine xx

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  2. My little man went through a tough sleep time after being ill for two weeks. Getting back to normal slowly, he will be in his crib until 4-6 then he wakes up for a feed. It takes so long to get him back down I just end up cosleeping after! I know I probably shouldn’t but you do what you can to get some sleep! Good luck with your nursing future. Its tough but a great job!

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  3. Congrats on passing your driving test! Sorry about the sleep regression, the same happened to my fourth little one after she was sick at Thanksgiving. It took three/four weeks for her to get back to going down easily but she started waking at night during that time and she still does now at seven months! :/


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