Christmas and five month update!


Hello you lovely bunch! Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and ate lots and lots of food. I sure did, definitely looking like a sprout now. So this year was special as it was Josephs first Christmas, and although he doesn’t understand the concept of Christmas or what was going on around him; I sure do think he had a lot of fun!

We all woke up at 9:30am, what a lie in! And went downstairs, had a feed and change and then opened his presents. He dived right into opening them and loved ripping apart the wrapping paper and already wanted to play with what he had! We then went to Mathews mums house for more present opening and Joseph was very happy and loved laughing and smiling with everyone. It really was such a lovely day. We then finished off the evening by going to my mum and dads where I had Christmas dinner and even more present opening! Joseph had so many gifts, a lot of the things Joseph had were for when he’s a bit older so very useful! He loves his ball-pit and his stacking cups.

lots and lots of nice toys!

We have also started to introduce pureed foods into Josephs diet. So he had some Christmas dinner blended up for him (by Christmas dinner I mean broccoli, peas, sweet potato, sprouts) and he absolutely loved it. Also loved sitting in his highchair as he got to nose at everyone!

Even-though he didn’t know what was going on, I loved watching him attempting to open his presents and seeing him smile and laugh. It makes Christmas that so much special again and I can’t wait for next year when he’s a bit more aware of things.


Five month update

So Joseph turned five months old yesterday. I just want time to slow down already. I can barely remember him as a newborn as horrible as that sounds. I can’t remember a time where he was just a little newborn all fragile and new but now he’s a smiley happy baby who has such a cheeky personality! Always wanting to play and just feel like he’s so advanced for his age and makes me so proud. My love grows and grows for him each day.

  • Joseph can confidently roll from both his front to back AND back to front. Both directions, too. He prefers to roll from his back to front (apparently the difficult one) and now that he’s mastered it, he won’t stop! He loves to move around in circles too!
  • He loves playing with his toys, holds toys in both hands, swaps from one to the other, bashes toys together making a lot of noise!
  • Loves to giggle and laugh and smile all the time. He is such a happy, content baby!
  • Still sleeps through the night perfectly fine, sure does love his sleep like his mama. Although recently been going to bed later than usual (around 10pm/11pm), although I’m sure this will go back to normal soon.
  •  Started pureed foods slowly but going to be regular when he turns 6 months.
  • Weighs around 22lbs, what a chunk! And is super long too.
  • Wears mostly 6-9 months clothes.
  • Joseph can sit up unaided for long periods of time!
  • Loves to grab his feet all the time and put them in his mouth
  • Actually put anything in his mouth!
  • Loves to give kisses but they’re slobbery ones.
  • Loves to babble and chat, also grunts to get our attention.
  • Wants whatever we eat and tries to grab it out of our hands.

I can’t wait to see what else he surprises us with!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, what did you all get? I’ll be posting the cliched new years resolutions soon, that should be fun, haha. I probably won’t stick to them but it’s still fun to write them out anyway!

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