What I’ve been up to this week..

I can’t believe that it’s Christmas in five days. FIVE! Being on maternity pay, which is absolute dire. Christmas is a nightmare for me. I know it’s not all about presents (it kinda is in today’s age). I get paid on the 23rd so guess who’s doing their Christmas shopping then?! Luckily I’ve got Josephs presents sorted, we had a lot of toys handed down to us and considering he’s going to be five months on the 26th December, he isn’t going to have the slightest clue what Christmas is, let alone being able to the open presents. It’s his first Christmas, so it is pretty special but present wise I’m not too worried.

On Saturday I was meant to be going out–my first night out since having Joseph. I was actually really looking forward to it so I bought a lovely new outfit and make-up and was ready to go. However, Joseph had developed a cold after his injections and I must have caught it along with a fever. So I lasted a total of 20 minutes out. I was shivering but flaring up at the same time. Was speaking nonsense when I came home and spent about three hours crying in pain and ended up sleeping on the sofa because the bed was too hot (even-though I was shivering) and was sick four times. Absolutely lovely. I was so gutted though, I wanted to catch up with friends and enjoy myself for a couple of hours. But NOPE, not happening. I feel a lot better now, just left with a cough and a runny nose, fabulous. Mathew did a pretty good job looking after both me and the baby that night, I don’t know how he did it! My lovely Mathew did get me this coconut bath set by Nspa, which was absolutely divine and sorted me right out. Another night out will have to wait.

In my element in the bath using these. How thoughtful.

Yesterday and today I tried to brave the Christmas shop. Yesterday I went with my brother as we wanted to get things for our family (I will have to transfer him money when I get paid) and wow I almost lost it. I used to dislike people with prams in town as they seemed to always be in the way and thought that they owned the aisles in the shops. Oh how I was wrong. I realise now how hard it is when you have a pram and you’re there dodging everyone who is so rude and don’t even care if they cut across you, or suddenly stop right in-front of you. Waiting ages for a lift when there’s people using them who are clearly capable of using the stairs or escalators. It’s safe to say, I didn’t last long at all. I decided to unwind by buying this book.

I’ve had my eye on this book for so long. Love Katie’s writing and already read quite a bit and love it so far. Can’t wait to read the rest!

Today I went shopping with Mathew as he wanted to get something for his family. Didn’t end up going to the same town, went to a different shopping centre. A lot less busier but couldn’t find anything for anyone. We left with one item. So a lot more to do by the 25th, great.

Always such a well behaved boy when we take him out. Joseph’s a pleasure to be with!

We stopped off at a cafe for a bit of lunch. Joseph kept trying to grab my food even though he had been drinking his milk! Such a greedy, chunky monkey!

He’s getting SO good at sitting up by himself. He has aced rolling over from both his back to front and his front to back. Super proud mum of how well he’s developing. I won’t go into much depth until he reaches 5 months where I will update there.

Sorry for the poor quality photos, took them on my iPhone. I hope to use my Nikon D3000 in the new year to get better images.

So in the run up to Christmas I will be relaxing, eating and watching lots and lots of Christmas films! I may or may not update before then but if I don’t then I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy it with your loved ones.

3 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to this week..

  1. Yay for not being the only one doing their Christmas shopping at the last minute! Mat pay is definitely not stretching far enough…
    My little one will be four months tomorrow so his presents from us are mainly going to be things we know he will need in the next couple of months, he’s not going know any different and we will need them anyway so…

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    1. Haha I seem to do it every year with the late Christmas shopping. Mat pay definitely doesn’t stretch far enough unfortunately:-(
      Yes that’s what we’ve done too, got a lot of stuff for when he’s older as he’s got a lot of stuff now so it just makes sense to get things he needs next year 🙂

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