Sleep regression?

We have never had any major issues with Josephs sleeping schedule, whenever people used to ask ‘how’s the sleepless nights’ we used to laugh and say ‘what sleepless nights?’. I don’t think we’ve had a sleepless night with Joseph (yet!) and we have been blessed with a baby who loves his sleep. When he had colic for a couple of weeks, he was a nightmare to get to sleep but once he was down, he was out for the night. Even when he used to not sleep right through the night, he’d only get up once and then straight back down. So you could say it’s been pretty bliss these past four months.

Until now?..


The past week or so, Joseph has been a nightmare trying to get to sleep again! We established a really good routine where he’d have a bath at 6/7pm, last bottle at 8pm then he’d be sleeping by 8:30-9:30. However recently he’s been going to bed at around midnight, sometimes even at one am. Completely exhausted mind you, but boy does he fight off his sleep. He doesn’t even cry, instead he’s content but fussy at the same time-if that makes any sense. The other night he went to bed at half past midnight so yeah okay, fine, but then woke up at 3am. The first time in ages!!! And it completely threw me off because he then woke up at 7am. Anyway, just went along with it and thought I’ll just sleep when the baby sleeps today. Normally we’d get a good stretch of naps but NOPE, they were more like 30-40 minute naps which made me feel even worse.

I bet a lot of mums are thinking ‘pffht, she still has it easy’ and I probably do. But because it’s different than what I’m used to, it just has completely threw me off. I have heard horror stories with some babies and their sleeping patterns. Many mums being up every hour in the night. Now that’s difficult and I have so much respect for those who just get on with it and can carry on as normal the next day. But nope, not me. I am a sleep lover and I simply cannot function without a decent amount of sleep. Like, I find it so difficult to just power through now. I think it’s because being with a baby 24/7 is so exhausting considering you’re trying to entertain a baby at every waking moment. Especially with a baby that needs the attention and can’t be left for long period of time on a play-mat.

I’ve been feeling really down in the dumps at some point because of this sleep regression. I mean, missing out on some sleep isn’t the end of the world and it won’t last forever. But it’s the having no time to myself is what I’m finding difficult. Mathews been working early shifts recently so it’s literally been baby from morning to night. Mathew is brilliant and takes over but usually Joseph will be in bed at 9/9:30 so for like 2-3 hours it will just be me and Mat to spend time together where we’d watch tv, have a cuppa, and then it’ll give me a chance to go on the laptop, to do the dishes or to clean. But instead right now it’s still giving Joseph a little more attention and trying to get him to bed. And also by 9pm I am completely drained so my patience runs thin and by the end of the night when we eventually put Joseph to sleep I am just mentally drained and all I want to do is just cry and have the biggest lie in ever but instead I have to repeat it all again. It’s a tedious cycle as I even feel too tired to take him out in the pram. I just wish I could pass my driving test as that would break the day up. But instead I am waiting for his (short) naps so I can just get some shut eye and be baby free for a short time. I feel like such a shit mum to even think that but even looking at my friends pictures of them going out and enjoying and I can’t help but feel jealous. I feel envious of Mathew going to work because even then he has time to himself-although very tiring i must admit. Yet when I get my energy back after a nap I can’t wait to be with Joseph and get excited to play games with him. Not tired me understand that Joseph can’t help it, but cranky me wants to just go as far away as possible and sleep for a week straight.

I know pretty soon Joseph will be back to his normal, lovely sleeping pattern and all will be well again. But for now I will just quietly curse when Joseph wakes up 30 minutes after his nap.

Joseph has his ’16 week’ injections next week, where he’ll be 20 weeks. He’s missed them for two weeks now as the one week he was ill and the other week it got cancelled as there was no nurse. I am itching to find out what he weighs. We are guessing a lot as he’s an absolute chunk!

7 thoughts on “Sleep regression?

  1. Same thing happened with Elizabeth. She was sleeping through from 9 weeks onward (before that was just wake to nurse every three or so hours and then back to bed) but then a growth spurt hit at about 18 weeks, then a cold at 20 weeks, and then some developmental leaps & bounds a few weeks later and sleep was the PITS!! lol She even started rejecting the pacifier. But now things are better. Short naps still most days, which is no fun at all, but nights are ok. ((hugs))


    1. Weirdly enough, Joseph had just over a week of sickness and after that is when the sleep regression started. So it definitely must have something to do with that! Although last night, he slept absolutely wonderfully so it’s just hit and miss at the moment! I agree, short naps are no fun at all. As soon as I put Joseph down, about 20-30 mins later he gets up just as I’m about to have a nice cuppa. Typical! Hugs to you too lovely X x


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m enjoying yours so far!
    Sleep regressions are so rough … My 10mo is going through one, if I could call it that. She’s had a cold which has messed up her sleep and napping. But maybe what your little guy is going through is related to a developmental leap. Have you looked in the Wonder Weeks? Could be the culprit. Keep your spirits up and keep to his normal schedule and habits, and he should slip back into his great sleep again! You’re doing well – but I know how exhausting this is. Literally my baby just started crying right now… at 9:45 at night… ugh…

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    1. Thank-you for our lovely comment, I am enjoying yours too! 🙂 Yes I have the wonder weeks app on my phone and I find it very useful in checking when the ‘stormy’ days are coming. Turns out it was right! Yes, spirits must be kept up as baby can sense the tension I find, haha! Hope you’re well, and thank-you for stopping by too X


  3. My son did this too, but he didn’t start sleeping through the night until 3/4 months and slept soooo good until he turned 1, then sleep and his amazing schedule went out the window. It is definitely rough when you don’t get the sleep you’re used to. I hope it gets better for you soon 😊

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