Four months old and coping with the sickness bug


Joseph turned four months old on the 26th November. I still can’t believe how quick the time is going and how much Joseph is changing! He is due for his ’16 week’ injections this Wednesday, but he’s going to be more than 16 weeks, it’s just that it must be fully booked there. Although I think it’s going to be postponed due to Joseph catching the sickness bug this week which I will go into more detail later.


I’ve never had trouble with Joseph’s sleeping pattern, he sleeps like an absolute dream and hopefully (touch-wood) it stays that way! His usual sleeping pattern is usually having a bath at around 6-7pm, have his last bottle at around 8pm and then he get’s rocked to sleep (he won’t have it any other way!!). So he usually sleeps from around 9pm-7am/8am. Although recently he’s been quite difficult to get to sleep and tends to go to sleep but wake up an hour later to have a feed, a little moan and then back to bed. But I don’t mind. He’s a lot more awake in the days which is great as he likes to play and go out in the pram for walks.


Still as hungry as ever, minus this stomach bug week. I have started to incorporate pureed food into his diet (super mums please don’t bash!!) and he absolutely loves it. However, I’m not making a habit of it everyday, it’s more of a one packet a week or so. I am keen on the BLW at 6 months and I hope to fully transition him then. But he’s swallowing his food, so that’s a good sign. I don’t know how much he weighs as we haven’t been to the GP yet as his injections have been delayed, but he is so heavy and we are thinking around 19-22lb. Such a chubster! He’s been fitting into 6-9 month clothes for a while now too! Oh my!


He’s so close to sitting up unaided, I’m sure of it! Joseph always loves to just sit up all the time and look around. He’s been weight bearing on his legs since around two months (he’s super strong) and loves taking steps. He hasn’t quite mastered the roll yet, he’s done it with some aid but most of the time he’s lazy and just doesn’t want to! It doesn’t help that our living room floor is wooden flooring and even with a mat on the floor it’s still quite hard. So I hope to buy those foam mat square things from Amazon for Christmas. But Joseph is thriving, he’s always smiling at everyone. He loves playing with his toys and is just a content baby. We also brought in some sensory play with paint, so Joseph made his first piece of artwork ready to hang on the fridge!


Sickness bug

Every mums worst nightmare, especially when they’re so young. Joseph caught a stomach bug this week and I have felt so helpless. He had really bad diarrhoea and was sick a couple of times too. It’s not nice to see your little baby unwell at all. However, he was still so smiley and playful and was still sleeping as normal, although one night he was awake at 1am and was sick all in the bed. We had to call NHS 111 for advice as whatever he was drinking, he was getting rid of straight away so we were worried about dehydration. We went to the out of hours GP where the doctor checked his temp (was fine) and was just advised for Joseph to have cooled boiled water and some dioralyte. He seems to be on the mend now which is good news as it was awful to see him so poorly.

Joseph is now at the age where the growing really begins, I can’t wait to see him roll for the first time, play with more toys and hit even more milestones. I do constantly look at newborn photos of him though and feel so emotional that those days are gone.


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